On Scarves…

I LOVE scarves. BUT for some odd reason I never seem to find a proper way of tying them and also which part of my body to tie them to? it’s a little scary!

These smart girls definitely passed the test!  So daring and ingenious!

Here is a great tutorial that will help!

In a rush? not sure you can pull it off? tie your scarf to your jeans as a belt, to your bag’s handles or make a necklace out of it! Genius!

(Images via: Vanessa Jackman, Madame FigaroThe Sartorialist , Candice Lake , Vogue , Alltheprettythings, Peony Lim, Myfashioninspiration and Park&Cube)

One thought on “On Scarves…

  1. Loved all the ideas of how to tie a scarf especially that I like to wear scarves. Only ‘daring’ way in which I every tied a scarf, was that I used in my jeans as a belt. Lots of love.

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