Monday pick me ups!

Let’s hear it for another week! And we’re now in June, that’s just insane! Anyway, here are some of my favourite finds…

First of all, fasten your seat belt because we’re heading to a Hawaii circa 1960. This website is mesmerizing: charming vintage aiplane menus, cocktails, postcards and other tropical paper ephemera. Can you smell the monoi oil?

Do you like marshmallows? I do, a lot! I stumbled upon this marshmallow factory with a mind boggling selection of flavours: Avocado and lime, pumpkin pie and red bean and sesame! Find out more here. PS: did you know that marshamallows are actually good for sore throats because of the gelatin?

Brown sugar Lip scrub with great press reviews! Would love to get it.

Coconut water powder. Available here

Did you know that cocounut water is excellent for you? A typical serving contains as much potassium as 2 bananas (almost 600mg) and plenty of electrolytes. Source

Wow! Camel art in Rajasthan! It’s so beautiful! Do you know that it takes those Indian guys 2 to 3 years to complete their work of art for camel beauty pageants and festivals! These poor camels have lots of patience!

See more here 

What the what?!! You guys…play doh is THE best smell! I find it so therapeutic. I even have some play doh in a drawer at work and I squash it and smell it all the time. I want this perfume! By the way, the company that manufactures it, Demeter, has crazy sents like gin and tonic, snow and black pepper! Available here

Let’s talk about luck. I love lucky charms I’ve got 3 in my wallets and somewhat beleive in their “powers”. I have seen these bracelets in various places and I like them.

I knew they meant something on a spiritual level but was not quite sure what. So I did a bit of research and they’re actually called “evil eye” jewellery. They are supposed to act as a shield to protect you from bad karma and bad luck willed onto you by others. They are often pinned onto baby’s clothes, dog collars, attached to review mirrors and huge ones are hung up inside houses.

Mediterranean countries like Greece and Turkey firmly beleive in the evil eye and there is this fascinating tree in Cappadocia, Turkey where people hang up hundreds of these lucky charms.

Get cool evil eye items here and here

Are you lucky when it comes to presents? Do you always like what you get? I must say, I always do. But if you don’t, here is a fantastic website that allows you to create your wishlist for free. All I really want.

I leave you with these cake batter white chocolate fudge that are having me salivating….recipe here

PS: I made THE easiest and most delicious brownies ever on Saturday, following this very decadent recipe from Nigella.

(Images via: Paris appartment, Demeter, Sally’s baking addiction, Sara Happ, Pusheen the cat, Arkiva Tropika, Perfectly quirky, Twisted Sifter)

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