Monday pick me ups!

I am a tea lover and this picture above made me sigh. I wish to have these little biscuits that would NOT fall and make a magnificent mess at the bottom of the mug….

Also, check this cute (and yes a little evil) voodoo tea bag. Nasty thoughts take a concrete turn but be careful of Karma! More here

Isn’t this mug appropriate for a Monday morning coffee? Available here

 This beautiful website is all about tea and coffee. You can almost smell it!

If you ever go to Paris (again?) now you know which boulangerie to buy your baguette at! This one was awarded best baguette maker by a panel of French experts. Worth a try I guess.

Oh my goodness ! I WANT these shoes!!! Found here

I SO wish to dress like this every day…

How awesome are these crayon rocks! organic AND specifically designed to teach children how to have a good grip on normal crayons! Available here

Talking about crayons, don’t you guys think this necklace is soooo unique and creative! I LOVE IT!! Available here via Share some candy.

I think every house needs this poster.

Lastly, I leave you with this super yummy looking grown up hot chocolate with bailey’s marshmallows! Here

(Images via: Wishlist, Share some candy, the chic department, another mag, Paris to London, Frankly esoteric via Wit and Delight)

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