Monday pick me ups!

 This mug is definitely for me!! (And Ray’s mom)

I did this and my 3 words were: funny, broken and fat. Great.

I LOVE this signet ring! You can get it customized with your own initials! It’s soooo pretty! Available here

Decadent Sunday breakfast: Fontina cheese and blackberries sandwiches. Sweet, cheesy and crunchy at the same time! Recipe here

I have something for very old maps and animal illustrations. Aren’t they beautifully odd?

What a stunning entrance!!

Quick and clever way to take your lemon slices to the next level

My new philosophy

Mandy if you’re reading this, I wish you a VERY happy birthday!! You’re so special to me. LOVE YOU LOTS!!

(Images via: all about the pretty, wit and delight, studded rose, they all hate us, pinterest, riches for ragsOBI scrapbook blog via notes for my future farm)

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