Red velvet everything!

Tonight, Ray and I are going to the movies but we’re having a cheese platter and cake before! And I’m looking forward to having my favourite cake: red velvet! I LOVE red velvet cakes and cupcakes. They’d probably be amongst my last meal requests. Ray thinks it’s ridiculous as it’s simply vanilla cake/dough with red food colouring that’s all of a sudden the trendiest thing under the sun and costs more than it should but whatever, it’s still beautiful and bloody yummy (excuse the pun).

Aaaanyway, I recently stumbled upon funky red velvet snacks. yum!

Red velvet fudge. Recipe here

Red velvet hot chocolate. Recipe here

Red velvet Graham crackers.  Recipe here

Red velvet cupcakes in a jar. Recipe here

Red velvet woopie pies. Recipe here

Red velvet brownies. Recipe here

Red velvet cheesecake. Recipe here

Red velvet rice crispy treats. Recipe here

And many more like red velvet milkshakes, doughnuts, crepes and waffles….

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